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Boarding your pets can be an overwhelming decision for many people. We, at Jagersbo Kennels, pride ourselves on our clean, safe environment and meticulous attention to your pets and their needs. We try our best to make you feel secure and confident that your pet will be taken care of properly while you are away. Since our lives are devoted to animals, we strive to provide a fun, safe experience for each of our guests and to care for each pet as if they were our own.

Our boarding facility has been designed with the belief that dogs flourish in an environment with plenty of outdoor access, sunshine, fresh air and lots of room for exercise. From our stainless steel kennels, to our ceramic tiled walls, all of our kennels have been constructed to make cleaning and disinfecting easy and routine.

You will often see owners being dragged from their cars to our front door by their pets. There are no better recommendations than those from our beloved pets :)

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Boarding Information

To make a boarding reservation, please call us.

Feeding: We offer kennel food, which is including in your fur animals stay. For dogs, this is Proplan chicken and rice mixed with beef. For cats, this is Purina Cat Chow Complete Dry Food. If your animal does not do well with a change in diet, please consider bringing in owners food. This is an additional $2 per feeding.

Medication: We can always give pill medication when needed, but we do not administer shot medication. If your pet needs pill medication, please make sure you specify the medicine and the dosage. If your fur animal will only eat it with certain things (i.e. cheese, peanut butter, etc) please bring that with you also. For medication, this is an additional $4 every time the dosage is administered.

Playtime: Playtime is supervised at all times. Whatever your pet may want to do; chase after tennis balls, or take a nap in the sunshine, we always try to cater to your dog's needs. If playtime is chosen, this is an additional $5 a day.

*Note: If your dog has never been boarded before, consider leaving him/her for a trial daycare free of charge. This may help them get accommodated so that they are ready to come back for their boarding day :)

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