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Erik Bergishagen Accomplishments

Some of his accomplishments and contributions include:  

  • 1968-1988 Licensed all-breed professional handler and member of the Professional Handlers Association and the Dog Handlers’ Guild

  • 1976-2015 Member and Director of the Detroit Kennel Club

  • 1980-1987 First Vice President, Detroit Kennel Club

  • 1987 President, Detroit Kennel Club

  • 1990-2000 Trustee Emeritus, Morris Animal Foundation

  • 1992-1996 Canine Vice President, Morris Animal Foundation

  • 2001-Present American Kennel Club Delegate for the Detroit Kennel Club

Erik received his judge’s license in 1988. Some of his judging accomplishments include:

  •  1999 Labrador Retrievers at Westminster Kennel Club Show

  • 2000 Canadian National Labrador Specialty

  • 2002 Sporting Group at Westminster Kennel Club Show 

  • 2005 United States National Labrador Specialty

  • 2006 Labradors at the National A.K.C. invitational

  • 2009 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers at the Canadian National

  • 2010 Sporting Group at the A.K.C. Invitational in 2010. 

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